ADVANCED Carbon Weave violin bow

  • Model: CVB91
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs

Starting at: $300.00


1st grade Carbon graphite shaft with weave finish.
1st grade ebony frogs & buttons finely polished.
1st grade of natural white horse hair from a male horse, without bleaching.

Partially customizable:

Scroll down and choose from the attributes of frog patterns, grips and windings. It doesn't matter that photo you saw on the left did not change against your selections of the attributes in next step. We send out bows according to your actual selections.

How to choose violin bows?

Cutting, Planing & Filing, Varnishing:

The shaft preparation:
Carbon fiber and epoxy are used to build the Carbon graphite weave shaft in the molding plant. Then shafts were sent to our workshop for us to select, refine and varnish.

The Frog, Button preparation:
A precise bench saw is used to cut ebony (or other materials) into blank blocks. Special milling machines and lathes are used to give rough shapes to them. Files and sandpapers are used to finish their shape and polish with our hands. Their grades are categorized by the nature of the wood and craftsmanship. Then metal parts supplied by professional jewelry maker will be fit into the wood(horn, shell). And then re-polish and refine. Click to see making process.

Assemble & Adjustment:
Carbon graphite weave shaft, Frog/Button and Horse hair are fitted together, seems simple, but really very important, it actually begins along with the shaft preparation process. We use our special procedure to ensure the assemble quality, especially the right length of the horse hair.Click to see making process.

Whether you are looking for a custom-made Carbon graphite weave bow or standard bow, please let us know what you want for a bow.

Free shipping to North America and EU.
Crafting time normally less than one week.

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