Bow Case

Do you need a violin bow case, or a cello bow case or cases for other bows that you have. Most players viewing this page had several bows in their collection or they are planning to. Maybe you just put them in your violin, cello case, or wrap and put them in your closet.

A bow case not only provide physical protection, but also keep the bow away from moisture and heat shock. A qualified bow case (bow box) is mostly made from ply wood or such kind of physically stabilized material. The cases are made not air tight but sealed well. The cover and bottom part of the bow cases are actually from one piece to make them good fitted.

The outside and interior of the bow boxes are different, but there is no big function difference, since they provide enough protection and craftsmanship are fine. The metal parts and handles are mostly good enough quality, because these kind of case is light weighted, but they are important for high level bow cases, they need to have a high quality appearance and solid feeling for that market level, but not necessary for the function of the case.

We supply tailor made bow cases and standard ones. The price for good quality hand made bow cases are started from $15usd. You can choose a case holding one bow to 24 bows. Top level cases are around $500usd

Buying a bow case along is also a good choice if you want to choose a gift bow for your precious friends or family members.

Please contact us for any questions. Wholesale in big batch of bow cases is also available.

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