MASTER VIP Pernambuco viola bow (Silver/Gold)

  • Model: JM9VA
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs

Call for Price
This is a fully customized bow for violists and other professionals.

Price starting from $1000usd. Contact us for further information.

Cutting, Planing & Filing, Varnishing:

The shaft preparation:
A precise band saw is used to cut woods into blank pieces. Top fine blanks will be chosen for VIPs. Different kinds of planes are used to give completed shape of the shaft, and mean while the burning heat source is used to form the camber. A series of files are used to give shape to the bow tip. And sandpapers of different grits are used to polish. A good combination of balance and weight are the final goal. Shafts are finely varnished by hand to meet their grades. Click to see making process.

The Frog, Button preparation:
A precise bench saw is used to cut ebony (or other materials) into blank blocks.Files and sandpapers are used to shape, polish and finish them. Then metal parts will be fit into the wood(horn, shell) parts. And then re-polish and ready for fitting onto the shaft.Click to see making process.

Assemble & Adjustment:
Shaft, Frog/Button and Horse hair, are then fitted together with great care.Click to see making process.

Crafting time normally less than two weeks. Free shipping to North America and EU