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MASTER Pernambuco cello bow (Gold) $705.00usd

Dear mr. Wang,

Thank you very much for the 2/4 Master Pernambucco cello bow (gold quality with silver fitting) you have made for my wife (order # 946). 
The bow is really a masterpiece. It looks beautifull, is very well crafted, is well balanced, feels fine, is very good responding and sounds great.
My wife loves that bow and finds it even better than her high quality 4/4 cello bow made by Herbert Wanka (master bow, silver fitting). 
As far as I can compare/judge, the bow is at least at the same level as my gold fitted Finkel viola bow or even better.
You are highly recommended.

Best wishes,
Hans Bras
the Netherlands

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ADVANCED German style pernambuco double bass bow $555.00usd

Dear Mr. Wang,

I have received the now and it looks really nice and sounds great.

Thanks for all,

P. Camilien

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VIP Pernambuco violin bow $1000.00usd

Dear Jimmy, Sang Wang:

Thank you for your beautiful and wonderful bow which I received last week.

I am very happy with your bow, and one of my friends envy me my bow.

And thank you for your considerate invoice. Due to your kindness, I did not have to pay tax.

Thank you.

Soo hyeong Lee

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ADVANCED Ironwood violin bow $85.00usd

Dear Jimmy,

yes I got your bow a few days ago and wanted to drop you a line. The bow works very well, I was expecting
something stiffer. I would like to see a stiffer bow because they react better. I thought ironwood would be somehow
stiffer and darker but their seems to be different woods under appelation ironwood. Do you have the darker and stiffer

I have a bit of experience with european makers and americans and I find in general their bows too soft.I have
tried Rolland and other known makers: too soft. I have came accross a few ironwood bows (dark wood) which I liked
better than pernambuco bows.

You make nice bows, I believe the chinese have acquired a real know how and I will
certainly order something from you again in a near future.

Do you have darker ironwood?

Best regards and thank you
very much for your very nice work!


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ADVANCED Ironwood cello bow $141.00usd

Dear Jimmy:

Hello: I'm very pleased with your Advanced Ironwood cello bow, thanks. It's stiff and fast without overtensioning, yet well balanced so it's doesn't feel at all heavy. It has a very pleasant and smooth tone, and the design is simple but elegant. The cream coloured hair gives good grab of the strings. In fact, It's just what I hoped for.

Can you suggest a rosin which has good 'grab' but also with a bright sound please? I'm currently Tartini cello/bass rosin (no longer available). That has excellent grab, but not enough brightness for my style of playing.

Best Regards,


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ADVANCED Carbon graphite violin bow $226.00usd

Hi Jimmy,

I got the bow a few minutes ago.  A great bow to match my acoustic-electirc violin!

Thanks for all your help and advice,


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ADVANCED Pernambuco violin bow $230.00usd

Dear Mr. Wang,

I have got my bow this morning and found the bow in such a great condition! It looks great, and everything looks exquisite. Thank you again!


Raffi Zhang

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ADVANCED Snakewood baroque cello bow $305.00usd


Bow was received and is beautiful! Any special kind of rosin or other care to know about? Is it treated in a similar way to a modern bow?


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STUDENT 1st grade brazilwood violin bow

Hi Jimmy,

I really like the bows I received. They're strong, straight and pull a good sound.
I'd been looking for a source of bows in this price range for awhile.
Finding inexpensive bows that are not warped and weak wasn't easy. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Brian Newman
Winston Salem Violins

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Bow Parts, Frogs, Winding Wire, Ebony Liners...


Package arrived,, everything looks great Your frogs are fine
quality!! I was hoping for a slightly larger piece of silver plate,
but perhaps if I send you another order, that can be included. Thanks

J. Dalley