VIP Pernambuco violin bow (Nickel or Silver or Gold)

  • Model: JM9VN
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs

Call for Price
Starting from $1000. We use the finest available pernambuco to make this violin bow, combining with master craftsmanship entirely by master maker F.Wang. Either the sound or handling is super fine. Parameters established not only by our scientific research but customized to player's style. It's well worth to have one for talented players. Weight of this bow can ranging from 59g~62g, the balance point are 20cm~23cm away from the frog end. You can choose any kind of frogs, winding or grip leather. Top grade pale yellow to white colored male horse hair grow in cold climate are used for this bow. Please compare this bow with any violin bows bellow us$3000 across the world.

Fine pernambuco violin bow shaft

Replicas of J.B.Vuillaume, D.Peccate, Jas.Tubbs, Victor.Fetique and E.Sartory also available. Check following photos. Please understand that all replica bows made by us have been marked "REPLICA".

E.SARTORY violin bow J.B.VUILLAUME violin bow JAS TUBBS violin bow VICTOR FETIQUE violin bow D.PECCATE violin bow

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