Chinese Violin Bow Wholesale Workshop

We are a Chinese family workshop (factory), making and selling violin bows (Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Double Bass bows). We Offer a low wholesale price, stable quality, and a lot more than that. Added value is for us to find out together with dealers. One of them is free rehair service to re-sellers.

For bows wholesale pricing $0-$200USD, we're confident to offer the best value. Wholesale price list is available for stamped and OEM bows.

80% of hand made bows selling across the world are from China directly or indirectly, most dealers and distributors already knew. From us, re-sellers can buy bows at about 1/5~3/4 the price compare to from other traders for same quality.

If you have been already buying directly from Chinese workshop or indirectly, it's also possible that we offer added value and more stable quality. Talk to us!

We are looking forward to become your stable violin bow source, or OEM workshop. At this time we would be really glad to cooperate with those who buy in batches of medium grade bows every month. Please feel free to contact us.

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Chinese Violin Bow Wholesale workshop factory

Conservation of Pernambuco:
Part of our commitment to help conserve pernambuco is to offer qualified alternatives to musicians. We have been working on all kinds of Chinese Bamboo for more than 20 years, and till now successfully crafted strong and elastic cello bows, double bass bows from one of bamboo spieces.
Our Bamboo Cello Bows have been sold to well-known players in Shanghai not long ago. We are looking for partners who like to work together on bamboo violin bows.