Photos of bows taken by mobile phone is just fine

  • Photos of bows taken by mobile phone is just fine
This is our first blog, and it's about our new website, mostly about the photos. Thanks to the mobile phone camera, taking pictures are now not a difficult job for me. I can easily take clear photos to show everyone how our bows looks like. Though not difficult, it's still takes a lot of time, which means that we will need about half a year to update all the photos in this website.

Yes, it's our new website, and we haven't been working and updating on our website for 10 years. Hope visitors can have a much better experiences view our website about our violin bows, viola, cello bows, and double bass bows, also baroque bows. 

I wish you can understand, we don't have a lot of time to update all the descriptions and all the photos, but I'll try to move step by step little by little to improve them. I know there's a lot of things might confuse you, such as the photos and descriptions at this moment, but there's an easy to use "contact or comment" module in this new website, so, please just leave us a message if you want information about bows, we would be so Glad to answer you.


Apr. 8th. 2019

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