Contemporary violin bow makers list

Following are listed out of courtesy. If you are looking for a bow, I believe you will find that our advanced bows will compare favorably in quality with bow makers listed below. Finding out more about our work, please feel free to contact us.

  • Antonino Airenti,Italy
  • Alvaro Corrochano, Violin, Bow Maker, Italy
  • Basil de Visser, Bow Maker, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Brian Johnson, Bow Maker, Regina, Canada
  • Christopher English, Bow Maker, Port Townsend,USA
  • David Hawthorne, Bow Maker, Cambridge,USA
  • Don Reinfeld, Bow Maker, Rochester, NY,USA
  • Douglas Raguse, Bow Maker, Cedar, Michigan,USA
  • Eric Swanson, Bow Maker, Chicago, IL,USA
  • Elizabeth Vander Veer Shaak, Bow Maker, Philadelphia, PA,USA
  • George Rubino, Bow Maker, Pownal, Maine,USA
  • G. Lucchi & Sons, Bow Makers, Cremona, Italy
  • Harry Grabenstein, Bow Maker, Williston,USA
  • Irina Feichtl, Bow Maker, Munich, Germany
  • Jean Grunberger, Bow Maker, Angers, France
  • Jean-Luc Tauziede, Bow Maker, Anglet, France
  • Jean-Benot Stensland & Thérèse Girard, Violin Maker & Bow Maker, Montreal, Canada
  • Ken Altman, Bow Maker, Silverton, USA
  • Lynn A. Hannings, Bow Maker, Maine,USA
  • Morgan Andersen, Bow Maker, Rosalia, USA
  • Michael Vann, Bow Maker, Gabriola, B.C., Canada
  • Matthew R. Wehling, Bowmaker, Wehling, Northfield MN USA
  • Merion David Attwood, Viol, Violin and Bow Maker, U.K.
  • Ole Kanestrom, Bow Maker in Port Townsend,USA
  • Paul Prier, Bow Maker Salt Lake City,USA
  • Ralph Ashmead, Bow Maker, Tuolumne, California,USA
  • Robert Morrow, Bow Maker, Port Townsend, Washington,USA
  • Rodney D. Mohr, Bow Maker, Mansfield,USA
  • Steven Beckley, Bow Maker, Little River, California,USA
  • Trevor Ewert, Bow Maker, Wellesley, Ontario
  • Donald M. Cohen, Bow Maker, Alexandria VA. USA
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