• BETTER Pernambuco cello bow

In our workshop, we use the third grade of pernambuco to make this bow. We make this bow to be one of our most competitive bows. The real value comes out less from the wood, more from craftsmanship. What you can not expect from this kind bow, is it's weight. Instead of make our third grade of pernambuco to be a light weighted stick as our master series cello bows, balance and stiffness are our priority consideration. At this level, most players are less sensitive to weight, but demand to practice more bow strokes which may connected more closely with a good combination of stick wood materials, shape of the camber, balance, stiffness. In this kind of pernambuco wood, there might be less good grains, might be some minor defects that don't affect the whole stick.

What makes this cello bow different is it's price and surprising high quality compare to the prices.

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BETTER Pernambuco cello bow

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