• MASTER (SILVER level) Pernambuco viola bow
This pernambuco viola bow is liked by a lot of players. It's completely made by hands of master bow maker F.Wang. It's high and stable quality comes from carefully selected stick blank, first grade ebony frog and first grade hair putting together in master maker's hands, and resulted in a perfect viola bow. Our long time research in bows themselves and skill of making bows gives it a good combination of weight and balance. If you have been playing with it for a long period of time, you might not feel the necessity to make an upgrade at all, because while you are trying to do an upgrade, you find other bows, even bows at double the price in some place, you can hardly hear better sound and feel better handling than this bow. Enjoy this bow, and enjoy our free rehair service for master series. Even when somebody damage it, there are still chances that we can restore it if you like, by doing that, we only charge materials expenses for our master bows.

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MASTER (SILVER level) Pernambuco viola bow

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